Foreclosure Proceedings

In Oregon, real property is usually subject to foreclosure 3 years after property taxes become delinquent. Any real property tax remaining unpaid on May 16th is delinquent.

For example, if the 2001-2002 taxes are not paid in full by May 16, 2002, they are considered delinquent.
  • On May 16, 2003 these taxes would be 1 year delinquent
  • On May 16, 2004 these taxes would be 2 years delinquent
  • On May 16, 2005 these taxes would be 3 years delinquent and we would begin foreclosure proceedings.

Foreclosure Proceedings Timeline

Approximate Date
Action by County
May 16
Delinquent notices are sent.
July 15
Tax Collector prepares the foreclosure list.
July 16 Notice of foreclosure letters are sent out by regular and certified mail.
August 16 or later
Foreclosure list is published in designated newspaper.
30 days after publication Judgment and decree is granted by the circuit court. 2 year redemption period begins.
1 year after judgment and decree is granted Tax Collector notifies owners of record and lien holders by regular and certified mail of expiration of redemption period.
2 years after judgment and decree is granted Redemption period expires. Property is deeded to the county.