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Public Service Announcement




Our children and young people are this community’s most valuable resource. While some things are repulsive, disgusting and we would rather not talk about them the issue of public safety trumps the aforementioned.  We at the Sheriff’s Office want to keep our community informed and to that end the following is submitted


An incident recently occurred in this county where a person allegedly hid narcotics in there RECTUM and the packaging did not hold up and either leaked or ruptured causing this person to become ill due to overdose and almost LOST THEIR LIFE.

WARNING:   Using narcotics, you never know where it has already been or what it has been exposed to. You may be ingesting more than the high. You may be ingesting such things as Hepatitis C, AIDS etc. Transporting narcotics in body cavities is nothing new but that information may be new to some people.

Be careful with your personal safety and “JUST SAY NO” To illegal narcotics.

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