Bail Procedures

The Klamath County Jail is open 24 hours per day. If you wish to post bail or leave money for the account of a friend or relative you may do so at any time. The place to leave money for bail or on account is in a small area next to the booking unit. From the front entrance of the jail near the lobby, follow the yellow line painted on the sidewalk. This yellow line will take you to the bond door. Please be aware, however, that there will be times when the Intake Unit is very busy. You may have to wait until a Deputy becomes available to accept your funds.

The Klamath County Jail accepts the following types of funds: cash, postal money orders or checks from local attorney client trust accounts. We do not accept personal checks.

Bail can be posted in two ways. You may leave the money to be placed on the inmates account so that they may post their own bail, or you can post the bail as a third party. If you are posting the bail as a third party, there are certain legal ramifications involved. You will be required to read a court form and sign as the person posting the bail.

Once the bail has been posted at the Klamath County Jail it is held until the next business day and then taken to Klamath County Circuit Court or to County Finance. Any questions regarding the status of bail should be referred to the Court of venue.

Klamath County Circuit Court holds the amount posted for bail until the conclusion of the court case. The Court retains any fines, fees and courts costs from the amount posted for bail, prior to refunding any remaining amounts to the person who posted the bail. If a third party posts bail for someone in jail and if the third party owes fines, fees or court costs, those will also be withheld prior to returning any unused portion of bail.

The Klamath County Jail accepts bail for inmates being held in the Klamath County Jail on local charges or on charges for other agencies. The Klamath County Jail does not act as a bail agent for inmates not lodged in the Klamath County jail. If you wish to post bail for an inmate housed in another jail, you must contact that jail.

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