This unit patrols our lakes, rivers and other waterways to keep it safe for you, our residents and vacationers who come to Klamath County. This unit is supervised by Corporal Darren Krag, and his staff of officers whom have years of experience and has been recognized by the Oregon State Marine Board as well as other agencies an experts in this field. You will see our patrol boats on the water checking for boating safety, discouraging unsafe behavior and answering your questions. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for boating while under the influence. On the flip side of enforcement we spend countless hours working within our schools teaching boating and water safety and as a result we have a very low incident of boating injuries and fatalities. We want to help you have a safe and enjoyable day on our waterways.

Our Search and Rescue Teams (North & South Counties) are, much like the approach we take with Rural Patrol Teams, in that they are a combination of Dive Rescue Unit, Small Boat Rescue, Posse and our wonderful volunteers. Each works harmoniously with the others to protect life and property. If it’s a lost hiker/camper, skier or boater, downed aircraft, a wild-fire, injured person in the backcountry or any combination, they work as a team to rescue those who require assistance. We, the men and women of the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office, are here to help.

This is a highly skilled group of men and women who are accomplished and certified in “Dive Rescue.” They have been featured on national PBS Television specials diving in ice covered lakes and are known as one of the best in the nation. This unit has been seen on national television (CNN) in high profile search missions and has utilized its “side scan sonar” equipment to locate objects at the bottom of lakes. They are also utilized by our Detective Division to recover evidence in crimes of serious magnitude. They have found and recovered everything from automobiles to smaller objects such as guns. They also assist other law enforcement agencies who do not have these unique capabilities.

This unit is supervised by Corporal Brian Bryson (and his staff of officers) who patrol our County, State and Federal Forests and parks. Laws, county, state or federal are put in place to protect our natural resources. We want you to be able to enjoy our forests and backcountry to its fullest but along with that enjoyment comes everyone’s responsibility to prevent littering, unlawful taking of trees, vandalism and preventing forest fires. Please help us protect the beauty of this vital resource for future generations.

This is a test volunteer information

Please select an application form to download:

MS Word electronic fillable form

Adobe PDF form

Please email completed forms to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or, mail completed forms to:
Klamath County Sheriff
3300 Vandenberg Road
Klamath Falls, OR 97603

Reserve ApplicationThe Klamath County Sheriff's Reserve objective is to assist the Sheriff's Office in the accomplishment of its mission and maintain a source of trained law enforcement candidates for regular employment and provide citizens a rewarding way to volunteer. Reserve Deputies hold the same authority as a full time police officer and serve under the direct supervision of a Field Training Officer. Reserves supplement the full time staff in every capacity, to include: patrol, corrections, marine and civil departments. Duties vary, but are not limited to responding to 911 emergency calls, traffic enforcement, inmate supervision to crime scene security.

Reserve Deputies must meet the same requirements as a certified police officer. These requirements include, but are not limited to; having a high school diploma or G.E.D., being twenty-one years of age, a U.S. citizen, certain physical standards, valid driver’s license and no criminal record.

Applicants are required to pass a difficult and time consuming hiring process. This process includes the application, a written test, oral board interview, final interview, background check and physical. The candidate then attends a training academy that takes place evenings and some Saturdays for several months. After being sworn, the Reserve Deputy is required to volunteer two complete shifts a month with a deputy and attend the monthly meeting and ongoing periodic training.

The reserve academy entails training in basic police skills. These skills include Criminal Law, Investigations, Firearms, Emergency Vehicle Operation, Police Procedure, Report Writing and much more. It also includes opportunities to learn from experienced officers and receive hands on training in the field. The academy is a good foundation to function as a confident part of the law enforcement community.

The Klamath County Sheriff’s Reserve furnishes each reserve deputy with uniform clothing items. All uniforms provided must be returned to the Sheriff’s Office upon resignation as a reserve deputy. Personal duty equipment that is required to be furnished by all reserve deputies before being sworn includes a duty weapon, belt and accessories with black duty boots. Many of these items can be quite expensive and must meet certain criteria. It is strongly suggested that nothing be purchased prior to being hired.

Reserves serve the county by placing themselves in a position to help make a difference. The appointment comes with a great deal of responsibility and rewards, especially for those interested in a law enforcement career. On the whole, reserve deputies put themselves in a position to experience first hand, and be a part of, the effort of the Sheriff Office.

Please return your application and ride along forms in a timely manner. After several applications are received, we will schedule a written test for the applicants. Please turn in the application and ride along separately.

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the Reserves. Thank you for your time and interest in our program.


Sergeant Randall P. Swan
Reserve Coordinator
(541)883-5130 ext.218

Please select an application form to download:


docxMS Word Format - Volunteer Application

pdfAdobe PDF Format - Volunteer Application

Please email completed forms to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or, mail completed forms to:
Klamath County Sheriff
3300 Vandenberg Road
Klamath Falls, OR 97603

Coming soon - convenient online forms!

Membership Requirements

  1. Be a citizen of the United States
  2. Be 50 years of age or older. There is no upper age limit.
  3. Prospective members must be mature and in reasonably good health.
    1. A volunteer’s ability to function as a viable member of this organization shall be determined by the Coordinator and his staff.
    2. Termination for reason of health will generally be based on safety – the volunteer’s safety – and the safety of those with whom the volunteer works. Example: If the volunteer cannot see well enough to drive safely, or cannot hear the radios; he/she could jeopardize the functions of the organizations and possibly endanger his/her life and/or the lives or others. The safety of the volunteer and the members of the Sheriff’s Office are the number one priority of the Sheriff and the Risk Management Department of Klamath County.
    3. Any changes in health status, insurance’s doctors, etc., shall be immediately reported to the Coordinator. The volunteer will be asked to complete a new Emergency Notification Form and Medical Record.
  4. Assignment preferences will be discussed together with the special skill areas in which personnel are needed or interested. Every effort will be made to help the volunteer get assigned to a job he/she can do well and from which they can draw satisfaction.
  5. An oral interview will be held with MVP Members, the Volunteer Coordinator, and members of the Sheriff’s Office.
  6. Prospective members will be subjected to a background check
    1. Have no criminal record in conflict with the minimum standards for employment as a law enforcement officer as adopted by the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training.
    2. Possess a valid driver’s license and be covered by insurance as mandated by law.
    3. Be of good moral fitness as determined by a thorough background investigation.
    4. Fingerprints will be held and checked for prior convictions.
    5. A felon may not participate in this program.
  7. Successful completion of special sessions of training in specific areas is needed to obtain and to remain in good standing as a MVP member. The training will help to provide the skills to be comfortable in a job. Areas include, but are not limited to, how to use the radio, effective communication, neighborhood watch, boat patrol, defensive driving, receptionist, vacation checks, schools liaison, MVP training/patrol administration & recruiting, etc.
  8. All volunteer program members are required to attend monthly training and informational meetings. Members may attend monthly meetings in civilian clothes unless otherwise specified.

Please select an application form to download:

MS Word electronic fillable form

Adobe PDF form

Please email completed forms to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or, mail completed forms to:
Klamath County Sheriff
3300 Vandenberg Road
Klamath Falls, OR 97603

Coming soon - convenient online forms!

Please select an application form to download:

MS Word electronic fillable form

Adobe PDF form

Please email completed forms to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or, mail completed forms to:
Klamath County Sheriff
3300 Vandenberg Road
Klamath Falls, OR 97603

Coming soon - convenient online forms!

Please select an application form to download:

MS Word electronic fillable form

Adobe PDF form

Please email completed forms to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or, mail completed forms to:
Klamath County Sheriff
3300 Vandenberg Road
Klamath Falls, OR 97603


Concealed-Carry-Clothing-Suit-Jacket-400To obtain a concealed handgun license from the Klamath County Sheriff's Office, you must:

  • Be able to demonstrate competence with a handgun by showing a certificate or written statement that you have been trained by:
    • A handgun safety course utilizing either police instructors or those certified by the NRA, including courses provided for security guards, reserve police officers, law enforcement officers, military service and organized shooting competition; or
    • A hunter education safety course wherein handgun safety training is an element of the course and the course is approved by the State Department of Fish and Wildlife.  Handgun safety training must be stated on the certificate provided by the course.
    • You hold a previous Oregon license to carry a concealed handgun.
  • Be a citizen of the United States of America. If you were not born a citizen of the United States, you must provide proof of citizenship, i.e., a U.S. Passport, Certification of Naturalization, or, if you were born on a military base, a Birth Certificate. If you are a legal resident alien, you must document continuous residency in Marion County for at least six months and declare in writing to the Immigration and Naturalization Service your intention to become a citizen and provide such proof of the written declaration to the Sheriff at the time of application for a concealed handgun license;
  • Have your principal residence in Klamath County;
  • Have your current address on your driver's license;
  • Be at least 21 years of age;
  • Have been discharged from the jurisdiction of a juvenile court for more than four years if you were under their jurisdiction for committing an act which, if committed by an adult, would have constituted a felony or a misdemeanor.

WomanCCYou must NOT:

  • Have any outstanding warrants for your arrest.
  • Be on any form of pretrial release.
  • Have been convicted of or found guilty of a felony, except for insanity as provided by ORS 161.295.
  • Have been convicted of or found guilty of a misdemeanor, except for insanity as provided by ORS 161.295, within the previous four years.
  • Have been committed to the mental health division under ORS 426.130.
  • Have been found mentally ill under ORS 426.130 and prohibited from purchasing or possessing a firearm as a result of that mental illness.
  • Have a history that shows confrontation with others, including family or neighbors.
  • Have a history of conflict with police officers.
  • Have any offenses involving firearms.
  • Have been dishonorably discharged from the military.
  • Have any documented problems involving alcohol.
  • Have any documented problems involving drugs.
  • Have ever renounced your U.S. citizenship.

Most of these provisions are outlined in ORS 166.291.

********** CAUTION **********

Possession of a CONCEALED HANDGUN LICENSE DOES NOT AUTHORIZE you to carry a firearm in any FEDERAL BUILDING, in certain areas on AIRPORT PROPERTY, or in ANY COURTHOUSE where the presiding judge has posted notice of such prohibition. If you are apprehended with a handgun on these premises, your concealed handgun license will be SEIZED AND RETURNED TO THE SHERIFF and your license may be revoked.

Also, possession of a concealed handgun without having a valid, current Concealed Handgun License with your current address on your person may result in your Concealed Handgun License being SEIZED and REVOKED. Always carry your CHL with you when in possession of a concealed handgun and make an appointment to have your card updated in the event you move to a new address or change your name.



CHL - Application

Please select an application form to download



We ONLY accept applications in person.  We no longer accept application via USPS or email.

Notice Process
(Summons and complaint with or without attachments, small claims notices, eviction summons and complaint, notice of restitution, citation, subpoena, orders, etc.)

  1-2 parties (same address)


3 parties (same address)


4 parties (same address)


5 parties (same address)








Writs of Garnishment



Enforcement Actions
(Property seizure, writ, or order of assistance, or writ of execution)


Additional fees to include supplies, mileage, storage, postage, and wages of additional personnel may be charged and will be calculated at time of service.



Writ of Execution in Judgment of Restitution
(Please note that "et al" or "All Other Occupants" is a party to be served)





plus fees outlined under “Notice Process” above

Conveyance of Real Property
(Sheriff’s deed)


Police Reports

A labor rate will be applied to any report that requires more than 15 minutes to compile.  The labor rate is based on the employee’s current wage plus an overhead cost at the rate of 35%.


Each additional page after 10 pages


One page “911” incident report









Photographs  (First 10 photos provided on CD, by e-mail, or printed color copy)


Each additional photo




Concealed Handgun License

($50.00 to Klamath County Sheriff's Office in the form of cash, check or money order. 

$15.00 to Oregon State Police in the form of check or money order)


Renewal of Concealed Handgun License


Address Change/Replacement








Tow/Impound Release


Cash Only


(Two print cards)


CHL - Application, Click Here

Click HERE to be taken to the Application Download

What does "concealment" mean?

Unless a firearm is partially visible, it is considered concealed.

What will the license allow me to do?

A concealed handgun license allows you to carry a loaded or unloaded handgun concealed upon your person or concealed within your control in a car or other means of transportation.

What if I move to a new address within Klamath County?

ORS 166.295(C)(2) requires that the "licensee shall report the change of address and the sheriff shall issue a new license as a duplication for a change of address. The license shall expire upon the same date as would the original." Failure to do so may result in revocation of your License. The cost is $15.

What if I move out-of-state or from Klamath County to another county in Oregon?

If you will be transferring your license to another county, register with that county. They will notify us that you are no longer a CHL holder in Klamath County. However, if you do not transfer your license to another Oregon county OR if you move out of state, you must notify the Klamath County Sheriff's Office.

What if I lose or misplace my Concealed Handgun License?

You should report the loss of your CHL and make an appointment to have a replacement issued. The cost is $15.

How do I renew my Concealed Handgun License expires?

Pursuant to ORS 166.295(1)(a), a concealed handgun license is renewable by repeating the procedures set out in ORS 166.291 and 166.292. You are not required to be fingerprinted or to provide character references again. You must schedule an appointment, complete an application and pay a $50 renewal fee.

An otherwise expired concealed handgun license continues to be valid for up to 45 days after the licensee applies for renewal if: (1) The licensee applies for renewal before the original license expires; (2) The licensee has proof of the application for renewal; and (3) The application for renewal has not been denied.

Do I need to have my License reissued if I change my name?

Yes. Contact us to schedule an appointment so we can issue a card in your new name. Bring a marriage license or court documentation as proof of your name change. The cost is $15.

What if I have a Concealed Handgun License but do not have it on my person when I'm stopped by a law enforcement officer and have a concealed handgun in my possession?

This is a serious offense and can result in arrest and seizure and revocation of your License. ALWAYS KEEP YOUR CCL WITH YOU!

If I'm a resident of another state, but regularly travel through Oregon, will Klamath County issue me a Concealed Handgun License?

Maybe. ORS 166.291(8) the county sheriff may waive the residency requirement in subsection (1)(c) for a resident of a contiguous state who has a compelling business interest or other legitimate demonstrated need. In order for someone who lives out of state to apply for an Oregon Concealed Handgun License, they must first write a letter either by mail or e-mail ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) to the sheriff requesting consideration. You will then be contacted by phone and given instructions on how to proceed with the process if you are approved. The letter must include your name, address, date of birth and the reason you would like to be considered for a concealed handgun license.

If I have been fingerprinted previously and my fingerprints are on file with the Oregon State Police, do I have to be fingerprinted again?

Yes. We are mandated by law to fingerprint new applicants for Concealed Handgun Licenses, regardless of whether they have been fingerprinted before.

How long does it take for a renewal License and when do I get my new License?

By statute we have 45 days to process your application for both new licenses and renewal of your license. Based on the work load of the concealed weapons division, sometimes your permit will be sent to you sooner than the 45 days.

Should I bring my weapon to my appointment?

No. Oregon does not require a concealed handgun license applicant to register their handgun or to qualify. Please do not bring your firearm to the Sheriff’s Office.



CHL - Application

Please select an application form to download

MS Word electronic fillable form

Adobe PDF form

Please email completed forms to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or, mail completed forms to:
Klamath County Sheriff
3300 Vandenberg Road
Klamath Falls, OR 97603

Please select an application form to download





We ONLY accept applications in person.  We no longer accept application via USPS or email.

Our Rural Patrol Teams are a multifaceted approach to enforcing the law as well as protecting and preserving the beauty and natural resources of Klamath County. They are comprised of our Marine Unit, our Forest Unit as well as elements of our Search and Rescue Teams. The viability of our wilderness areas is dependent on all components of the aforementioned. The tourist industry, in a large part, depends on our lakes, rivers, streams, and mountain areas. We want to preserve them for future generations and the men and women of the Rural Patrol Teams do just that….And do it well !

<p>The Citizen Observer (Ride-Along) Program follows established guidelines for the protection of the observer. Deviation from these guidelines without the expressed consent of the host deputy sheriff is cause for immediate termination of the ride-along.
<p><strong>RULES OF CONDUCT:
<li>All information and observations acquired by the citizen observer during the ride-along shall be considered strictly confidential unless otherwise stated by the host deputy sheriff.</li>
<li>The citizen observer must realize that any action he/she witnesses during the ride-along may require a court appearance at a later date.</li>
<li>Under no circumstances shall a citizen observer:
    <ol type="a">
      <li>Be permitted to carry any weapon unless authorized and approved by the shift supervisor.</li>
      <li>Operate the patrol vehicle or any other equipment.</li>
      <li>Act as an agent for the Sheriff’s Office or otherwise perform any Sheriff’s Office related duty.</li>
      <li>Approach any vehicle on a traffic stop or approach any residence, building, or other situation where the potential for violence exists, or a crime in progress.</li>
      <li>Enter any crime scene of a serious nature (such as a homicide) and/or touch, possess, tamper with, or otherwise have contact with any evidence.</li>

<p><strong>SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: </strong></p>
<p> The physical safety of the citizen observer is of the utmost importance, therefore, host deputy sheriff shall weigh situations for potential hazards when responding to calls.  </p>
<p>In cases of possible extreme danger (i.e. person with a gun) the citizen observer may be let out of the patrol vehicle at a safe distance from the area unless qualified to assist. In situations with a potential for violence (fights, family disturbances etc.), the citizen observer shall remain in the patrol vehicle unless qualified to assist. </p>

<p><strong>Please select a ride-along application form to download:</strong></p>
  <table width="100%" border="0">
      <td><p><a href="/downloads/Ride-Along-App.doc">MS Word electronic fillable form</a></p>
      <td><p><a href="/downloads/Ride-Along-App.pdf">Adobe PDF form</a></p>
  <p>Please email completed forms to:<br>
          <a href="mailto: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. </a>
        <p>Or, mail completed forms to:<br>
        Klamath County Sheriff<br>
        3300 Vandenberg Road<br>
Klamath Falls, OR 97603</p>
  <h3>Coming soon - convenient online forms!</h3>

Sherrif Patrol-tnThe patrol unit provides initial law enforcement response to all crimes within Klamath County.The patrol unit provides initial law enforcement response to all crimes within Klamath County. The unit, while small in numbers responds to more than 30,000 incidents each year. Deputies are required to maintain a high level of professionalism and training in the performance of their duties. The patrol deputies provide a high level of service with only 16 deputies assigned to the main Sheriff's Office. Deputies are able to handle the high call volume through technology upgrades that include computers in patrol cars that enable deputies to complete virtually any office work from the field. Deputies dictate all reports into a digital file, freeing up time that enables them to remain in the field (providing more prompt service). The unit provides law enforcement around the clock in a very efficient manner.

Each shift is staffed with 3 deputies. The division is commanded by a Lieutenant.


New Information coming soon

The detective unit is staffed with a Detective. Detectives concentrate on more serious crimes and high profile crimes within the county. They receive specialized training investigation of homicide, computer crime, sex crimes, identity theft and other training. Detectives serve as members of the Klamath County Major Crime Team which is composed of law enforcement officers from the Oregon State Police, Klamath County Sheriff's Office, Klamath Falls Police Department and the Klamath County District Attorney's Office.

The Klamath County Sheriff's Office Civil Division is responsible for intake, filing, serving and enforcing court orders and a variety of other documents issued by the courts. Examples of civil papers include small claim notices, restraining orders, eviction process, writs of garnishments and foreclosures of real or personal property. The civil division also may sell real or personal property as ordered by the courts.

Civil division staff is trained in civil process to make sure that all court orders are processed according to Oregon law and the Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure. On intake, after ensuring that papers are complete, a civil deputy delivers the documents to the person named on the paper, or as the law allows to a responsible party.

The civil division also processes and serves criminal subpoenas for the District Attorney's Office and the Juvenile Department.


Deputy Subpoenas:

The Civil Division accepts subpoenas for deputies in accordance with ORCP 55(2)(b). The subpoena must be presented to the Sheriff's Office for service not later than 10 days prior to the date attendance is requested of the deputy. Civil subpoenas must have the appropriate witness fee attached at the time the subpoena is presented for service.

Restraining Orders:

The restraining order process starts at the courthouse. The courts will supply the forms that need to be completed. After the order is signed by a judge, it needs to be brought to the Klamath County Sheriff's Office so it can be served. This is a service that is free of charge to the public. Restraining orders are a priority paper and will be served as soon as possible.

The Klamath County Crisis Center offers assistance in filling out and filing a restraining order with the courts. They can be contacted at 541-884-0390.


The Klamath County Sheriff's Office Civil Division cannot provide legal advice. If you have questions about the eviction process, the law library at the Klamath County Library provides resources to assist you in following the law. Copies of the landlord/tenant laws can be requested for a small fee at the law library.


To check the status of documents submitted for service or for more information regarding the civil process, please contact the Civil Division at (541) 883-5130, Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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