Chris Kaber



Under Sheriff


Bill Stripling (acting)

Corrections Commander



Darren Frank

Patrol Sergeant

Patrol – North County OIC,
Search & Rescue No. County

Patrol Sergeant

Patrol - Mid County OIC
Special Response Team

Steve Lewis

Patrol Sergeant

Patrol - West County OIC
Canine Unit

Randy Swan

Patrol Sergeant

Patrol – East County OIC
Search & Rescue,
Reserve & Volunteer Coordinator



Corrections Sergeant

Jail Operations, Scheduling, Court Liaison

Corrections Sergeant

Inmate Work Programs

Corrections Sergeant

Religious Programs Coordinator
Defensive Tactics Instructor



Tami Johnson

Administrative Assistant


Marjorie Young

Budget/Finance Manager


Becky Collins

Office Manager


Divisions fo the Klamath County Sherrif's DepartmentPatrol: Thee Klamath County Sheriff patrol division is the primary law enforcement response to all crimes within Klamath County. Deputies assigned to the patrol division serve many roles in order to deliver Sheriff Services in this 6135 square mile county. Your deputies provide courteous professional service to our community. This efficiency is due to a very dedicated and professional staff and enhanced technology which allows deputies to spend more time in field and less in the office.

Corrections: The Corrections Division (jail - built in 1989) is staffed by experienced and well trained correctional officers. It is a twenty-four hour, 365 days per year facility and is known as one of the best managed and cost effective jails in the state. We not only receive prisoners from our patrol and detective divisions but from the City of Klamath Falls Police Department, Oregon State Police and countless state and federal agencies.

Detective:    Detective Division focus on the successful prosecution of complex and high profile crimes including Homicides, Crimes against Person and Property, Narcotics, Crimes Against Children, Computer and Identity Theft, Sex Crimes as well as other serious crimes. I am pleased to say that in a recent (1-2013) homicide our detectives, within twelve hours identified the perpetrator and in less than twenty-four hours had him in custody. In major crimes we (KCSO) are a proud part of the Klamath County Major Crimes Team Task Force.  

Civil Division: Our Civil Division is responsible for intake, filing, serving and enforcing court orders and a variety of other documents issued by the courts. Last year we served approximately 15,000 civil documents. This is a very necessary component of the criminal and civil justice system.

Canine Unit: The Sheriff’s Canine (K-9) Unit is composed of highly trained dog handlers and canines that are trained to detect drugs, explosives and in some cases serve as protection canines. Sergeant Steve Lewis is in charge of this unit. He is the handler for “Ex”, a German Shepherd, (pictured) who is trained to detect explosives as well as other duties.          We also have a very skilled and dedicated group of volunteers (and their dogs) who participate in Search and Rescue missions. As you read on in this web page you will see that we, at the Sheriff’s Office, are a family (including our canines) who work as a very cohesive team to protect you, your homes and businesses.

Rural Patrol Unit:  Our Rural Patrol Teams are a multifaceted approach to enforcing the law as well as protecting and preserving the beauty and natural resources of Klamath County. They are comprised of our Marine Unit, our Forest Unit as well as elements of our Search and Rescue Teams. The viability of our wilderness areas is dependent on all components of the aforementioned. The tourist industry, in a large part, depends on our lakes, rivers, streams, and mountain areas. We want to preserve them for future generations and the men and women of the Rural Patrol Teams do just that….And do it well !

Search and Rescue:  Our Search and Rescue Teams (North & South Counties) are, much like the approach we take with Rural Patrol Teams, in that they are a combination of Dive Rescue Unit, Small Boat Rescue, Posse and our wonderful volunteers. Each works harmoniously with the others to protect life and property. If it’s a lost hiker/camper, skier or boater, downed aircraft, a wild-fire, injured person in the backcountry or any combination, they work as a team to rescue those who require assistance. We, the men and women of the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office, are here to help.

Marine Unit:  This unit patrols our lakes, rivers and other waterways to keep it safe for you, our residents and vacationers who come to Klamath County. This unit is supervised by Corporal Darren Krag, and his staff of officers whom have years of experience and has been recognized by the Oregon State Marine Board as well as other agencies an experts in this field. You will see our patrol boats on the water checking for boating safety, discouraging unsafe behavior and answering your questions. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for boating while under the influence. On the flip side of enforcement we spend countless hours working within our schools teaching boating and water safety and as a result we have a very low incident of boating injuries and fatalities. We want to help you have a safe and enjoyable day on our waterways.

Forest Unit:  This unit is supervised by Deputy Brian Bryson (and his staff of officers) who patrol our County, State and Federal Forests and parks. Laws, county, state or federal are put in place to protect our natural resources. We want you to be able to enjoy our forests and backcountry to its fullest but along with that enjoyment comes everyone’s responsibility to prevent littering, unlawful taking of trees, vandalism and preventing forest fires. Please help us protect the beauty of this vital resource for future generations.

Posse: The Klamath County Sheriff’s Posse was formed almost 75 years ago. This unit serves as a “Shining Star” for the Sheriff’s Office in special events, ie: parades and crowd control. It also, and more importantly, assists in Search and Rescue missions. The sixteen members of the Sheriff’s Posse have, over the years, been credited for finding lost children, hikers and backpackers in the wilderness. This unit is headed by Captain Bev Tooker. It should be noted that this group of volunteers, like many others associated with our Search and Rescue Deputies, give freely and tirelessly of their time and energy to protect and serve the residents and visitors to Klamath County.

Dive and Small Boat Rescue:    This is a highly skilled group of men and women who are accomplished and certified in “Dive Rescue.” They have been featured on national PBS Television specials diving in ice covered lakes and are known as one of the best in the nation. This unit has been seen on national television (CNN) in high profile search missions and has utilized its “side scan sonar” equipment to locate objects at the bottom of lakes. They are also utilized by our Detective Division to recover evidence in crimes of serious magnitude. They have found and recovered everything from automobiles to smaller objects such as guns. They also assist other law enforcement agencies who do not have these unique capabilities.

Volunteer Services

The Klamath County Sheriff's Reserve objective is to assist the Sheriff's Office in the accomplishment of its mission and maintain a source of trained law enforcement candidates for regular employment and provide citizens a rewarding way to volunteer. Reserve Deputies hold the same authority as a full time police officer and serve under the direct supervision of a Field Training Officer. Reserves supplement the full time staff in every capacity, to include: patrol, corrections, marine and civil departments. Duties vary, but are not limited to responding to 911 emergency calls, traffic enforcement, inmate supervision to crime scene security.








Corporal  Darren Krag

The Klamath County Jail is open 24 hours per day. If you wish to post bail or leave money for the account of a friend or relative you may do so at any time. The place to leave money for bail or on account is in a small area next to the booking unit. From the front entrance of the jail near the lobby, follow the yellow line painted on the sidewalk. This yellow line will take you to the bond door. Please be aware, however, that there will be times when the Intake Unit is very busy. You may have to wait until a Deputy becomes available to accept your funds.

The Klamath County Jail accepts the following types of funds: cash, postal money orders or checks from local attorney client trust accounts. We do not accept personal checks.

Bail can be posted in two ways. You may leave the money to be placed on the inmates account so that they may post their own bail, or you can post the bail as a third party. If you are posting the bail as a third party, there are certain legal ramifications involved. You will be required to read a court form and sign as the person posting the bail.

Once the bail has been posted at the Klamath County Jail it is held until the next business day and then taken to Klamath County Circuit Court or to County Finance. Any questions regarding the status of bail should be referred to the Court of venue.

Klamath County Circuit Court holds the amount posted for bail until the conclusion of the court case. The Court retains any fines, fees and courts costs from the amount posted for bail, prior to refunding any remaining amounts to the person who posted the bail. If a third party posts bail for someone in jail and if the third party owes fines, fees or court costs, those will also be withheld prior to returning any unused portion of bail.

The Klamath County Jail accepts bail for inmates being held in the Klamath County Jail on local charges or on charges for other agencies. The Klamath County Jail does not act as a bail agent for inmates not lodged in the Klamath County jail. If you wish to post bail for an inmate housed in another jail, you must contact that jail.

Generally Inmates at the Klamath County Jail are allowed to have visitation with friends and relatives. Specific rules apply and visitation is by appointment only.

  • Inmates shall have access to visitation with persons of their choice, except where there is evidence that such a visit jeopardizes the safety, security and orderly operation of the facility. Inmates will not be allowed to visit with the victims of their crimes or persons who have restraining orders or no contact orders involving the inmate.
  • Visitors who have been an inmate of the Klamath County Jail within a six-month period preceding the visit shall not be allowed to visit an inmate in this facility.
  • Inmates are not required to visit anyone.
  • All visitors must show picture identification, which indicates his/her age prior to being allowed to visit.
  • All visitors must call the Detention Center on the day they wish to visit between the hours of 8:00 am and 11:00 am to arrange a visiting appointment. The phone number to call for visitation is 541-883-4197 and press "2". Visitation days are Saturday and Sunday; workers are also allowed Wednesday visits.
  • Visitors who are known to be prohibited by court order from contact with the inmate they wish to visit shall not be permitted to visit.
  • Visitors under the age of 18 will only be allowed to visit after the inmate who wishes then to visit has requested and been granted a "Special Visit". The "Special Visit" must be pre-approved by a Sergeant.
  • "Special Visits" shall only be authorized after an inmate has been in custody in this facility for thirty days. Inmates cannot have more than one "Special Visit" per month.
  • Visitors are required to leave all personal property in their vehicles. The only property allowed to be brought into the jail are the visitors' keys and identification. Coats and hats may be left in the lobby. The jail is not responsible for items left in the coat rack area or in vehicles.
  • Any visitor who brings or attempts to bring contraband onto Sheriff's Office property and/or into the facility will be prosecuted.
  • All visitors shall be dressed in an appropriate manner. No halter-tops, short shorts, tank tops, or inflammatory clothing, etc. If you are not appropriately attired you may be denied your visit.

Inmates at the Klamath County Jail are allowed to receive mail via the United States Postal Service. Inmates at the Klamath County Jail are allowed to send mail via the United States Postal Service. The Klamath County Jail has specific rules regarding the mail that can be mailed and received by inmates. Some of those rules are as follows:

  • Indigent inmates may receive the amount of stamped envelopes necessary each week to conduct legal correspondence.
  • Except for circumstances beyond the control of the facility staff, all incoming mail shall be delivered to the inmates on the same day it is received. Outgoing mail shall not be held more than 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.
  • Mail that is received for an inmate that has been transferred to another facility or who has been released shall be returned to the sender with a notation that the inmate is no longer in custody in this facility.
  • Packages not specifically authorized will be returned to the sender.
  • All outgoing mail will have the inmate's name and the facility's address on the envelope. Outgoing mail, except legal mail is subject to opening and screening.
  • Indigent inmates may receive up to three stamped envelopes per week, upon request.
  • There will be no inmate to inmate mail without prior written permission from the Jail Commander. If an inmate attempts to use a third party outside the jail to facilitate inmate to inmate communication, the inmate could be subject to discipline.
  • Inmates will receive mail Monday through Friday, except Holidays.
  • Inmates may not receive publications, magazines or periodicals through the mail. (Newspaper subscriptions are allowed at the inmate's expense).
  • Mail for Inmates that have foreign substances on the outside may be returned without being opened. Please do not affix stickers (other than return address label), spray with perfume or place "lip prints" on the outside of the envelope.
  • Do not mail books of stamps or individual stamps to inmates.
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