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PSA scams Featured

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  Over the past few weeks the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office has fielded multiple calls from citizens regarding being scammed or defrauded.


All of the potential suspects have been located out of state. The persons trying to deceive the citizens do so by selling an item via the internet that does not exist or represent themselves as a government official asking the citizen to pay money owed to the government, such as taxes. On one occasion the suspect identified himself as an IRS agent. Many of the callers use a phone service such as “Magic Jack.” This allows them to use the phone at different locations. The phone number will look as though it is an out of area number. These numbers, much like pay as you go cell phones, are easily changed.


The common aspect of these cases is that all of the scammers ask for the monies requested in the form of a “Green dot money pak.” These cards are reloadable and difficult to track down once they have been mailed, unlike a check or money order. Below is a photo of what these cards look like. They can be purchased at most major retailers and drug stores. Please be cautious of anyone asking you to mail these to them as a form of payment.




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