Inmate Mail Rules

Inmates at the Klamath County Jail are allowed to receive mail via the United States Postal Service. Inmates at the Klamath County Jail are allowed to send mail via the United States Postal Service. The Klamath County Jail has specific rules regarding the mail that can be mailed and received by inmates. Some of those rules are as follows:

  • Indigent inmates may receive the amount of stamped envelopes necessary each week to conduct legal correspondence.
  • Except for circumstances beyond the control of the facility staff, all incoming mail shall be delivered to the inmates on the same day it is received. Outgoing mail shall not be held more than 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.
  • Mail that is received for an inmate that has been transferred to another facility or who has been released shall be returned to the sender with a notation that the inmate is no longer in custody in this facility.
  • Packages not specifically authorized will be returned to the sender.
  • All outgoing mail will have the inmate's name and the facility's address on the envelope. Outgoing mail, except legal mail is subject to opening and screening.
  • Indigent inmates may receive up to three stamped envelopes per week, upon request.
  • There will be no inmate to inmate mail without prior written permission from the Jail Commander. If an inmate attempts to use a third party outside the jail to facilitate inmate to inmate communication, the inmate could be subject to discipline.
  • Inmates will receive mail Monday through Friday, except Holidays.
  • Inmates may not receive publications, magazines or periodicals through the mail. (Newspaper subscriptions are allowed at the inmate's expense).
  • Mail for Inmates that have foreign substances on the outside may be returned without being opened. Please do not affix stickers (other than return address label), spray with perfume or place "lip prints" on the outside of the envelope.
  • Do not mail books of stamps or individual stamps to inmates.
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