Advisory Boards & Committees

Ambulance Advisory Committee

The Klamath County Ambulance Advisory Committee reviews standards, makes recommendations to and/or sets new standards for the Board of County Commissioners for all matters regarding emergency medical services.  The Committee also reviews and makes recommendations regarding soundness of the ambulance service areas.

Board of Property Tax Appeals

The County Board of Property Tax Appeals hear petitions for reduction of the real market, maximum assessed, specially assessed, and assessed value of property placed on the roll by the county assessor. The boards also consider requests to waive penalties assessed for the late filing of real and personal property returns. 

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee’s purpose is to assist the Board of Commissioners in fulfilling Klamath County’s obligations under Oregon Budget Law (ORS 294.305 to 294.565).

Compliance Hearings Officer

The Compliance Hearings Officer works through the dispute resolution process between the Building Department and the public.

Developmental Disability Services Advisory Board

The Developmental Disabilities Advisory Board functions in an advisory capacity to the Department of Health and Human Services and the Board of Commissioners on program development, planning, monitoring and funding issues.

Economic Development Advisory Committee

The Economic Development Advisory Committee reviews applications from local organizations and provides recommendations to the Board of Commissioners to award funding that furthers economic development in Klamath County.

Elected Officials Compensation Board

The Elected Officials Compensation Board reviews the compensation of county elected officials and recommends a compensation schedule for the county elected officials.

Fair Board

The Klamath County Fair Board is responsible for establishing goals and setting policy related to operations of the Klamath County Fairgrounds.

Food Policy Council - *Currently Inactive*

The Food Policy Council is an advisory board to the Klamath County Board of Commissioners on food and agricultural systems issues related to food. 

Housing Authority Board

The Klamath Housing Authority (KHA) board is a policy making board who hires the Executive Director and provides oversight to her/him, sets policies and has a fiduciary responsibility to oversee the finances of Klamath Housing Authority. 

Library Advisory Board

The Library Advisory Board advises the Library Director and Board of County Commissioners regarding establishing policy and in planning and developing program services for the Klamath County Library.

Local Alcohol & Drug Planning Committee

The Local Alcohol & Drug Planning Committee actively promotes drug and alcohol prevention and treatment through community-based resources in a culturally sensitive manner.

Local Public Safety Coordinating Council

The Local Public Safety Coordinating Council develops and recommends to the County Board of Commissioners a plan for use of State resources to serve the local offender population; and State and local resources to serve the needs of that part of the local offender population who are at least 15 years of age and less than 18 years of age.

Museum Advisory Board

The Klamath County Museum Advisory Board meets monthly to review activities of the Museum Department, and to offer suggestions and recommendations for planning of future activities and management of Museum assets and collections.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission advises the Klamath County Board of Commissioners on land use and development issues throughout the County.

Roads Advisory Committee

The Roads Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners relative to the long range orderly improvement of the Klamath County Road system and promotes cooperation between all levels of government and private enterprise in the development of the Klamath County Road system.

Title III Advisory Council

The Title III Advisory Council makes recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners related to funding eligibility for Title III projects.

Tourism Grant Review Panel

The Tourism Grant Review Panel considers tourism related projects based on evaluation of applications submitted by individuals and/or organizations for projects that promote tourism in Klamath County as defined by ORS 320.330 - 320.350. 

Veterans Advisory Council

The Klamath County Veterans Advisory Council serves the interests of the veterans of Klamath County by advising the Board of Commissioners on issues related to veterans and their concerns.

Weed Control Advisory Committee

The Klamath County Weed Control Committee Board gives advice in controlling, destroying, preventing, and identifying noxious weeds in Klamath County.

Wolf Depredation Advisory Council

The Wolf Depredation Advisory Council oversees compensation for farmers and ranchers who suffer loss or injury from wolves.

Helpful links for members of the Board of County Commissioners' Advisory Boards and Committess:

Attorney General’s Public Records and Meetings Manual 

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