Marriage Licenses

Klamath County - Online Marriage Application:

  1. Complete this online application (make sure to fill out all fields) and click the Finish button when done.
  2. Come into the Klamath County Clerk’s Office to show your proof of identity and pay for the license. Both applicants must be present.
  3. After the marriage ceremony is done, return the license to our office so it can be recorded.

    ONLINE MARRIAGE APPLICATION (3 Days does not begin until you come to the Clerk’s office to obtain your Marriage License; please tell us at the time you come if you are doing the 3 day waiver)

Authority to Perform Marriage Ceremonies - Requirements for officiants

Marriages may be solemnized by:

  • Any judicial officer of the state
  • A county clerk ($117 Fee)
  • Religious congregations or organizations as indicated in ORS 106.150 (2)
  • A clergyperson of any religious congregation or organization who is authorized by the congregation or organization to solemnize marriages

A person authorized to solemnize marriages under ORS 106.120, may solemnize a marriage anywhere in the state of Oregon.

Instructions to Officiants Performing Marriage Ceremonies

Finalizing and recording marriage licenses: The officiant of a marriage ceremony will be presented with a Marriage License and a Certificate. At the ceremony these two documents must be completed by the officiant and the license will become a permanent record. Please Make Sure All Information is Correct and Legible.

Form Fields

The license contains two dates. A marriage ceremony may not be performed before the effective date nor after the expiration date. It is your responsibility as the person performing the ceremony to complete blocks 30a through 33 of the License and Record of Marriage:

  • Block 30a: The date you performed the ceremony
  • Block 30b: Where the ceremony was held (city, town)
  • Block 30c: County where ceremony was held
  • Block 31a: Your signature (officiant)
  • Block 31b: Your title (minister, etc)
  • Block 31c: Name/address and phone number of officiant (person performing ceremony)
  • Block 31d: Name of officiant’s authorizing religious congregation/organization
  • Block 32: Printed name of witness (not a signature)
  • Block 33: Printed name of witness (not a signature)

When instructing the couple to sign the certificate please advise the bride to sign as it appears on the license and record of marriage.

License Form

Also, pursuant to ORS 106.170, a person solemnizing a marriage shall within 10 days after the marriage ceremony complete the original application license and record of marriage form and deliver the form to the county clerk who issued the marriage license and record of marriage form and deliver the form to the county clerk who issued the marriage license. The person solemnizing the marriage may keep a copy of the application license and record of marriage form.


After both the certificate and the license are completed and signed, give the embossed certificate to the couple and return the Original Copy of the License and Record of Marriage to the County Clerk’s Office. Retain the officiant’s copy of the License for your record.

The authorized person performing the marriage is requested to return the original copy of the form to the county clerk within ten days following the date of the marriage. A penalty may be assessed after 35 days. (ORS 106.990)

Obtaining a Marriage License

Application process for couples wishing to get married:

  • To obtain a marriage license each applicant must be at least eighteen (18) years of age (or 17 years old with parent or legal guardian’s approval).
  • There is a three (3) day waiting period before a license may be used and is valid for sixty (60) days after the effective date. The license issued is valid only in the State of Oregon.
  • Each applicant must appear in person and bring a valid driver license. If you do not have a valid driver license please call us regarding acceptable forms of identification.
  • There are no blood tests required.
  • The cost for the license is $57.75 and will include one certified copy (parent or legal guardian consent form is an additional $10; 3-day waiver (if approved) is an additional $10). The fee must be paid in cash. We Do not accept checks for marriage licenses. We issue marriage licenses from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Our office does not sign 3 day waivers for 17 years of age, even with parent or legal guardian’s permiss