Recording Fees

Note: All fees must be paid in advance. When the fee is received, the document will be recorded. A self addressed envelope is required for the return of your documents.

Service Fees

Service Fee
$82.00 for first page
$82.00 for first page
$16.00 for first page
County Liens
$77.00 for first page

Note: There is a charge of $5.00 for each additional page of the same document. There is an additional fee of $5.00 for each title on the same document.

Plats / Partitions

Plats / Partitions (ORS 205.320) Fees
First Page
Additional Page(s)

Additional Fees

Mining Claims (Location, Affidavits, Certification of Ownership) (ORS 517.220), each additional claim included in the affidavit shall be recorded for an additional fee of $5.00 per claim (ORS 517.220, 517.030, and 517.290)
$82.00 for first page