Candidate Information

Offices on ballot for November General Election 2020

County Sheriff
Local City Offices
Klamath SWCD (Soil & Water Conservation District); file with local SWCD office.
Zone 1
Zone 4
At Large 1

Please note: to qualify for any position; you must be a registered voter.
Qualifications (pdf)

State Offices, Check on Filings
Local State Offices on your ballot

All forms are found on the Secretary of State’s (SOS) Election Website. The only forms that are submitted locally are the candidate filing forms (SEL 101) for county offices (Commissioner, Sheriff and Surveyor).  State offices are filled with the SOS.  All campaign finance (ORESTAR) and voters’ pamphlet (VP) filings are done at the SOS in Salem.

View the SOS Candidates Manual.

Campaign Finance

The Campaign Finance Manual, including forms, can be found on the SOS website. Contact the SOS for any questions you may have regarding your campaign finance reporting.

Voters’ Pamphlet (VP)

Everything must be received by the state no later than August 25, 2020.

All materials for the VP are filed with the SOS Office in Salem. If you want to be included in the VP published by the state, you must pay $600 or collect 200 valid signatures. All filings must be filed electronically using ORESTAR.

  • To file by fee, file electronically using “ORESTAR” and submit $600.
  • To file by verified signatures, file your statement electronically using “ORESTAR” stating that you will be gathering signatures. After the forms are approved, the state will email your signature sheet to make copies of for gathering signatures. After signatures are gathered, they will be returned to the County Clerk’s Office (our office) for verification. After the signatures are verified, the originals will be returned to you to submit to the state. Please read the State Voters’ Pamphlet Manual.